System for obtaining X-ray dual-energy image in real time by scanning method

Applications of X-ray detectors

Introscopes – inspection of baggage and cargo with separation of substances by materials (organic, inorganic, metals, non-metals, composites), medicine – low-dose fluorographs, X-ray non-destructive testing.

LSe-64-1.5 – single energy x-ray detector

64 pixel pitch 1.5 mm, one energy, scintillator – CsI:TI

LDe-64-1.5 – dual energy x-ray detector

64 pixel (64 low energy + 64 high energy) step 1.5 mm, two energies

scintillators: GOS ceramics – high energy, CsI:TI – low energy

Modifications available:

Pixel pitch: 0.2 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm.

Scintillators – specify upon request.

CaptureBoard – X-ray image capture board

Serves to unite ionizing radiation detectors (LSe-64-1.5 or LDe-64-1.5) and input x-ray images to a computer via USB 2.0 in real time.

CaptureBoard can be grouped together in a group of up to 4 boards in order to provide synchronous input of a larger number of pixels.

CaptureBoard has software 3 channels to which ionizing radiation detectors are connected using a flat loop (LSe-64-1.5 or LDe-64-1.5). It is possible to connect up to 16 LSe-64-1.5 detectors to each loop or 8 detectors LDe-64-1.5.

One CaptureBoard can generate an image line with a length of 16 * 64 * 3 = 3072 single energy pixels (LSe-64-1.5) or 8 * 64 * 3 = 1536 dual-energy pixels (LDe-64-1.5). CaptureBoard read speed up to 1000 lines in 1 give me a sec.

Bit depth of data representation 18bit. Increasing the speed of reading data while decreasing the bit depth to 16bit.

Maximum Possible String Length: one energy (LSe-64-1.5) – 12288  pixel, two energies (LSe-64-1.5) – 6144 pixel.


The software is developed using cross-platform (Windows, Linux) the Qt framework in C ++.

Integration requires the use of a DLL.


Superior quality x-ray image and an all-digital data link – digital graphic X-ray image is formed directly in ionizing radiation detector.

Ionizing radiation detectors operate on a dedicated single-chip ASIC, protected from external interference. ASIC has low noise.

The development team is located in Russia.

Technical support directly from the development team.

Decision InlineDetect it is possible to modify according to the requirements of the customer: any scintillators, different pixel pitch, modification of software for client's tasks.