X-ray detectors for introscope
X-ray detectors for non-destructive testing
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X-ray detectors for introscopes, non-destructive testing

ionizing radiation detectors
x-ray detectors

We produce x-ray detectors linear type dual-energy digital. As scintillators use Cs(TI) for high energy and GOS ceramics for low energy. X-ray detector comprises PIN Photodiode Bar (very low noise, low dark current) and scintillator. Any configurations are possible: from 16 channels up to 64 channels, from 0,8 mm to 2,5 mm per channel, the ability to use any scintillators.

low energyGOS ceramics
high energyCsI(TI) / cesium iodide / cesium iodide
signal processing and transmissiondigital conversion in the sensor

Areas of use

  • x-ray food control
  • detectors for introscopic
  • detectors for X-ray television installations for checking hand luggage and baggage
  • medicine - low-dose fluorographs
  • X-ray non-destructive testing

X-ray image processing

Received signal from X-ray detectors processed by a special signal capture card. An integrated circuit of our own design is used to digitize signals. (ASIC). Thus, our detector is a digital detector..

X-ray image input board

The image is entered into the computer by a special input board. Digital signals from the capture boards of signals from X-ray detectors are processed by the central input board. Computer can be connected via USB or Ethernet.

Easy to integrate

It is very easy for third party developers to work with our X-ray detectors, because. we have implemented an understandable SDK. Development was carried out in Qt / C ++, which ensured cross-platform. SDK works on Windows and Linux.

Features of detectors

  • high quality scintillators
  • geometric accuracy of each scintillator
  • PIN photodiodes low noise
  • digital conversion of signals immediately after they are received from the photodiode
  • low solution cost
  • own integrated circuit (ASIC) - multichannel analog-to-digital converter
  • developed by Russian engineers
  • used component base of Russian production
  • technical support directly by developers