X-ray detectors for introscope
X-ray detectors for non-destructive testing
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X-ray detectors for introscopes, non-destructive testing

ionizing radiation detectors
x-ray detectors

We produce x-ray detectors linear type dual-energy digital. As scintillators use Cs(OF) for high energy and GOS-ceramic for low energy. X-ray detector consists of PIN-photodiode strip (very low noise, low dark current) and scintillator. Any configuration possible: from 16 channels up to 64 channels, from 0,8 mm to 2,5 mm per channel,  the ability to use any scintillators.

low energyGOS-ceramics
high energyCsI(OF) / cesium iodide / cesium iodide
signal processing and transmissiondigital conversion in the sensor

Areas of use

  • x-ray food control
  • detectors for introscope
  • detectors for X-ray television installations for checking hand luggage and luggage
  • medicine – low-dose fluorographs
  • x-ray non-destructive testing

X-ray image processing

received signal from x-ray detectors processed by a special signal capture board. An integrated microcircuit of our own design is used to digitize the signals. (ASIC). So our detector is a digital detector.

PC X-ray image input board

The input of the image into the computer is carried out by a special input board.. Digital signals from signal capture boards from X-ray detectors are processed by the central input board. Can be connected to a computer via USB or Ethernet.

Easy to integrate

It is very easy for third party developers to work with our X-ray detectors, because. we have implemented an easy-to-understand SDK. Development was carried out on Qt / C++, which provided cross-platform. SDK works on Windows and Linux.

Features of detectors

  • high quality scintillators
  • geometric accuracy of each scintillator
  • PIN photodiodes low noise
  • digital conversion of signals immediately after receiving them from the photodiode
  • low cost solution
  • own integrated circuit (ASIC) – multichannel analog-to-digital converter
  • technical support directly from the developers