X-ray control of food products

X-ray machine InlineFood

Food and beverage safety is the # 1 challenge for the food industry. Mandatory government standards and industry norms govern not only the composition and properties of products, but also prohibit the presence of foreign mechanical particles inside the finished product. To compete successfully with other manufacturers, must prioritize food quality and safety. High-tech equipment based on X-ray control is intended for this purpose..

Our company has developed a new generation X-ray device InlineFood, designed for non-destructive testing and inspection of finished food products. The device consists of a detector module, combined with an X-ray source. For the safety of personnel, a protective cover is provided. A personal computer with software is connected to the device.

X-ray installation InlineFood will help in real time to reliably detect foreign mechanical inclusions of any shape in food, size and location:

  • Metal shavings, burrs, etc..
  • Shards of glass
  • Stones, ceramics, sand
  • Bones, cartilage
  • Dense polymer materials (pieces of polyethylene, polypropylene, rubber, etc.).

Additional options for installing X-ray inspection

  • Checks the weight characteristics of products
  • Evaluates the geometric parameters of packaging
  • Examines the tightness and integrity of the package
  • Determines the degree of filling of the container
  • Controls piece goods

Advantages of the InlineFood X-ray machine

  • Product quality - helps to comply with regulatory requirements for product safety in terms of the content of foreign objects and substances.
  • Inspection of products in any form - packaged and bulk; liquid, suspensions, pasty, shredded, loose; fresh, chilled, frozen, thawed.
  • Comprehensive control - scans content at the same time, determines the filling level, assesses the condition of the container and lid without damaging the container and raw materials. Automatically removes defective products from the conveyor line.
  • High sensitivity - guaranteed to detect foreign objects in the raw material, bulk bulk products, pipelines, closed packaging, prepackaged and piece goods.
  • Scanning of any container - checks metal, glass, plastic cans, bottles and containers, paper and cardboard containers of any shape, piece goods in foil and metallized film packaging; bags, tubes, sachets.
  • Volumetric inspection - detects hidden defects in glass containers (chips, cracks, etc.) anywhere, including under the lid, at the neck and at the bottom.
  • High inspection speed - the unit operates in real time without delaying the conveyor in 24/7 industrial plants.
  • Safe operation - equipped with a protective cover; service personnel at 100% X-ray protected.
  • Seamless integration - easily integrates into existing production lines, provides low-cost and convenient control.
  • Save money - quick customization in-house, automatic scanning of products without human intervention; no need to involve additional controllers.
  • Profitable investment - thanks to fast, trouble-free and error-free operation reduces production costs; by reducing waste of food raw materials pays off within one year.

The introduction of InlineFood X-ray inspection into the product quality system will help the enterprise

  • Produce quality, safe food.
  • Avoid image and reputation losses of brands.
  • Eliminate the likelihood of recalling products from the retail network.
  • Comply with the requirements of Russian and international standards, industry rules and regulations.

InlineFood - safety without compromise!